American Pride And Prejudice Essay

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Imagine day there was a person (you) walking down the street. You saw a man with ragged clothes and inferred that he was homeless. You just kept walking and thinking. Now imagine, in a different reality you said “hi”, and now this man is your best friend. He wasn’t homeless he was just having a bad day. While people walk down the street they always judge, it is unstoppable. Our brains don’t stop judging. Even if you try and stop. Prejudice is very common among our society. Its human nature to negatively judge people by their looks and backgrounds.
First of all, its human nature to negatively judge people by their looks. It all starts with, people's eyes go straight to a haircut, some clothes, and in some cases body art. Others may infer that the person, just because they have body art, they may be tough. Or maybe people will think that they are …show more content…

Because some people know someone with a similar race, house, clothes the person others know may act in similar way too. For example, a stereotype of african american is that they live on the wrong side of town and maybe they drink or cuss just because other african americans may do this. In a book Amos Fortune, written by Elizabeth Yates, the text states that there was an african american prince who was ready to become king when the pale faces came and captured all of them and turned them into slaves. The king was killed and most of his people. And Amos was separated from his little sister whom he cared for very dearly. This is saying that because the people were african american the pale faces felt that they need to control them and kill them to show dominance. But if the african americans had a change of race this would have never happened. This still happens in our world today. The actions aren’t so drastic though. Because other african american men and women have set stereotypes that in some cases others may be scared of them. If we try we cannot use these

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