Pride And Prejudice Act 6 Essay

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1. ACT. - Coralys read the novel in one week. PASS. - The novel was read in one week by Coralys. 2. ACT. - She faxed her application for a new job. PASS. - The application for a new job was faxed by her. 3. ACT. - Jayden changed the flat tire. PASS. - The flat tire was changed by Jayden. 4. ACT. - The fire destroyed the whole restaurant. PASS. - The whole restaurant was destroyed by the fire. 5. ACT. – José painted the entire house. PASS. - The entire house was painted by José. 6. ACT. -Thousands of tourists visited Puerto Rico every year. PASS. - Puerto Rico is visited by thousands of tourists every year. 7. ACT. - Ryan ran the obstacle course in record time. PASS. - The obstacle course was run in record time by Ryan. 8. ACT.

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