American Rationalism Analysis

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American Exceptionalism is a true and driving force in society and politics throughout America’s history, this idea can create multiple debates over opinions of the matter. First American Exceptionalism is the idea that America is exceptional to all other countries, the belief that we are dominant to anyone and that nothing stands in our way. The term American Exceptionalism is found commonly used in a political setting, but also affects the normal everyday life of all residents of the United States of America. The idea of American Exceptionalism has been a controversial topic for years now, and many scholarly authors have written their own opinion, or somehow addressed American Exceptionalism in a book or essay. A prime example of this is Thomas Paine’s essay, Common Sense, written around 1775, in colonial times.
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Phillis Wheatley was an African-American slave that was part of the slave trade during colonial times. First the thing that demonstrates American Exceptionalism from her is that she could read and write, and was the first African-American woman to have any work published. This fact demonstrates American Exceptionalism because it was one of the first signs of change for slavery in the colonies. A publisher had to read Wheatley’s work and bypassed her race and only reviewed it for the content. Looking back on it now it showed hope for slaves, if Wheatley could do it, why couldn’t they. In Wheatley’s poem His Excellency General Washington she writes of George Washington leading the revolution against Britain. She writes that she likes General Washington and wants the colonies to win the revolution. This is a prime example of American Exceptionalism because she is rooting for the side that is persecuting her and her people. She is a true American hero and

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