American Rationalism Research Paper

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Daniel Welsh Dr. Patterson American Heritage 15 September, 2016 The Concept of American Exceptionalism (Works Cited) MLA As identified by E. J. Dionne in the introductory chapter of Our Divided Political Heart, American Exceptionalism is a vital part of our country’s mindset and culture. The school of thought surrounding this concept most often defines it as the belief that the history of the United States is altogether different from that of any other country. This unique foundation based on liberty, individual rights, and democracy has provided untold opportunities for the citizens of the United States. Book Lipset, Seymour Martin. American Exceptionalism: A Double-edged Sword. New York: W.W. Norton, 1996. Print. This text by Seymour Martin Lipset addresses the idea…show more content…
American Exceptionalism. Jackson: U of Mississippi, 1998. Print. This book by Deborah Madsen focuses on how American Exceptionalism influenced the evolution of America. It explains how the concept has shaped the American culture and mindset. Academic Journal Cain, Herman. "In Defense of American Exceptionalism." The American Spectator Mar. 2011: Print. This article supports American Exceptionalism through first giving justification and origin to the concept, then defending it through statements regarding the unique and unprecedented nature of our country. The article also provides a highly positive quote made by President Obama supporting exceptionalism wherein he states that the very concept is engrained in the Constitution. Essay Chomsky, Noam. "American Exceptionalism: Some Current Case Studies." Raritan 35.4 (2016): 1-10. Academic Search Premier. Web. 16 Sept. 2016. This essay addresses American Exceptionalism from a global standpoint, including opinions about the role of the United states in international affairs such as ensuring peace, freedom, and security worldwide. It also discusses imperial exceptionalism and the then-current nuclear deal with
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