Essay On The French And Indian War

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The Revolution That Brought It All Century after century the human race repeatedly makes history an astonishment through gifted historians, scientists, and politicians whom have brought us warfare, revolutions and independence. These historical individuals and events have made our country patriotic, diverse and legendary. Our country has demonstrated courage and independence all through the French and Indian War through the independence of the United States. As a result, the American society has been given righteousness and freedom due to the rebellious and subversive American Revolution. The American Revolution was and is today the most significant event of all time history for its sacrificial …show more content…

The French and Indian war was the spark of the rebellion for various causes and reasons. The French and Indian War was caused by the hostility and hatred the Native Americans and the American colonists had for each other. There had been various incidents where either group had attacked each other. The American colonists felt entitled to their new land and wanted it all to themselves, as a result the American colonists demanded the British to remove the Native Americans from their land. At the time the French wanted to gain control over the colonies so they took advantage of the situation and allied with the Native Americans. The French promised the Native Americans that if they won the war they would be able to keep their land and both the French and the Native Americans would live in peace. However this was not the case, the British was very powerful and they ended up winning the war. Unfortunately the British were left in a lot of debt because of the war. The British believed it was only right to help recover the expenses of the war through taxation from the colonies since the war had started because of them. The American colonists were furious about the new taxation, they claimed they were being taxed without representation in Parliament, yet they had never been represented. The colonist were taken aback because Britain was actually governing now, before they had been given too much freedom. They had only used the colonies as their personal factories for almost everything from tobacco to

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