Is America The Greatest Country In The World

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Is America the greatest country in the world? Americans certainly seem to think so. America has fought in every major conflict since 1776. She has helped rebuilt nations, jumpstarted economies, fought against oppressive regimes, and been a global force for change. America has given the world some of the greatest literature, music, movies, and so much more. But for all that good, how can we say that we are the greatest? Is there a true measure for the greatness of one country over another? The definition of greatness is, "chief or preeminent over others; remarkable in magnitude, degree, or effectiveness; markedly superior in character or quality". Is America preeminent over others? Perhaps, but so are nations like China, Russia, France, and the United Kingdom. Is it remarkable in magnitude and effectiveness? Absolutely, America has been been a powerful influence around the world for two hundred years. Finally, does America have superior character, or has it stooped below what might be considered good character? An argument can be made for either contention. America provides a safe haven for people when their own nation can no longer protect them, citizens can practice their religions freely without persecution, and social equality has been achieved that is more successful than any other society. On the other hand, America is responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands of infants a year via abortion, we lead the world in incarcerated citizens per capita, and views that go against the status quo are consistently shot down with hatred.…show more content…
Perhaps we can't. So rather, let us look at what makes America unique compared to other
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