American Revolution Causes

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There have been revolutions happening throughout the course of history. Many revolution have taken place ranging from the significant to the truly extraordinary. Possibly, the most important event in the history of the United States was the American Revolution. British policies such as the Sugar, Tea, and Townshend Acts angered the colonies. Britain’s political and economic crackdown following the French and Indian War was the most important factor contributing to the American Revolution. The American Revolution changed the political, social, and ideological landscape of the thirteen colonies.
Hundred and thirty years later, the entire east coast was established as the thirteenth British colonies. The British were not the only ones establishing …show more content…

The Stamp Act declared that all printed material had to carry a special stamp, and American colonists had to pay for it. The Act mostly affected people who used a lot of paper, like newspaper printers and lawyers, influential people who can persuade and rally people against the British. The colonists were very angry and felt that the British were robbing them of their hard earing by making them pay unreasonable taxes on things like tea and postage. Furthermore, they did not even have any representation in the British Parliament. The colonists citing “no taxation without representation” and they completely stopped paying taxes. In October of that year, colonial landowners, merchants and artisans organized and decided to boycott British goods. This was the first time the colonies acted in unity. Committees of Correspondence, which had been created to encourage opposition to earlier acts, now grew to coordinate the boycott efforts. They helped make people aware of their rights and liberties. All these action were organized by the radical protest group the Sons of Liberty that made the British Parliament repeal the Stamp Act. The repeal of the Act was seen by many as a huge …show more content…

On December 16, 1773, the Sons of Liberty led by Samuel Adams dressed up as Native Americans and dumped the entire shipment into Boston Harbor. This act became known as the Boston Tea Party. The king, angered by such open defiance, and the Parliament passed the Intolerable Acts, also called the Coercive Acts, to punish Boston. Intolerable Acts has four main punishments, first , close Boston Harbor until the citizens of Boston paid for the dumped tea. Second, to take control of colony away from Massachusetts by limiting town meetings to once a year and replacing government officials by royal officials. Third, protect the royal officials by only allowing them to be tried for crimes in Britain, this meant they could do whatever they wanted, and most likely not face any consequences. Forth act was quartering act forced colonists to house British soldiers in their homes when order to. The colonial response to these acts were the start of the American

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