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The Intolerable Acts: The Breaking Point
Two hundred and forty-one years ago, British Parliament passed the Coercive Acts which not only punished the colonists’ defiant behavior but also sparked a war that would change the world forever. The Coercive Acts were a series of four acts that punished the colonists for the Boston Tea Party, they would be restricted until they paid for the tea they dumped into the harbor. The Coercive Acts are a series of acts that were in direct response to the Boston Tea Party that punished the colonists for this event, led to the need for another continental congress meeting, and ultimately impacted the decision for the colonist to declare independence. First, the colonists were punished for the Boston Tea Party. The colonists were punished for the …show more content…

The Boston Port Act closed the Boston Harbor. The Massachusetts Government Act restricted democratic meetings of the town and the governor 's council was an appointed body. The Administration of Justice Act said that if a British Official commits a crime they are sent back to Britain to be prosecuted. The Quartering Act said that the colonists had to provide a home to British soldiers if needed. These acts were all in direct response to the Boston Tea Party and infuriated the colonists.
Finally, this led to the need for another Continental Congress. The Patriot leaders had to discuss the issue. This was important because there were many different ways the colonists wanted to resolve the issue and they wanted to find the most logical one. The colonist had to compromise before they took action. This was an important and stressful step because it took a long time to agree on one idea. After months, they made the final decision to declare freedom. This took the colonist straight into the

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