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In this unit, we had learned about the American Revolution. Some of the major topics we covered were the role of women, the role of slaves, the role of Native Americans, the roles of France, the life as a soldier and some of the major battles. The woman often held and engaged in boycotts, they were cooks/nurses in the army, some were spies and one woman named Deborah Sampson dressed up as a man to help fight in the army. The slaves ran away from their colonial masters to join as a Britain soldier because if they did they were promised freedom after the war. The free Africans had tried to promote that colored people should be freed by joining the colonist's side. The Native Americans were told to not take a side of the colonists or the British during the war however many had sided with the British. France had helped the colonists by supplying them with soldiers, ship, and various supplies. Through the process of helping the colonists, they had bankrupt themselves. Being a British soldier was very different from being an American soldier because the British soldiers were much more privileged than the Americans. Some of the major battles include The Battle of Long Island, The Battle of Saratoga, and The Battle of Yorktown (Patterson). …show more content…

This was one of my primary struggles because when completing the poster portion of this project I had not completely understood the definition of an analogy. So on my poster, I wrote what I assumed was an analogy on this poster. However, when a family member had pointed this out to me when peer editing my project I realized I had completely misinterpreted the definition of an analogy. This had caused me to redo this poster which was very time-consuming. However, at least now for the future, I will understand what an analogy is and will be able to do it right the first

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