Revolutionary War Dbq Essay

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The beginning of war, is the ending of life. The reason that war is death, is that the war of Valley Forge caused many to be deceased, and deceived. I have decided to not re-enlist into the Colonial Army because of sickness (Doc. C+A), Housing (Doc. D+B), and supply shortage (Doc. C+B). These reasons listed are big reasons that caused death, and sadness taking away loved ones and friends. This document about the Revolutionary War, will bring you to the place itself, living through the damages and sad doings this war brought. Upon this adventure of death and damage, take to mind that this could have been you, taken from life and liberty. The soldiers of the Revolutionary War were very brave, and admirable, but I have decided I would not re-enlist, …show more content…

As it says “There comes a soldier, his bare feet are seen thro’ his worn out shoes, his legs nearly naked from the tatter’d remains of an only pair of stockings.” (Doc.C). As you read this I’m sure you notice that the writer (Dr. Albigence Waldo) notices a soldier nearly naked, without clean clothes and shoes, just tattered, shredded remains of shoes and clothing. The next reason I would like to address, as to why I would not re-enlist due to supply shortage would be, said by a Valley Forge General soldier, written by Dr. Albigence Waldo “A general cry thro’ the Camp this Evening among the Soldiers, “No Meat! No Meat!”- the Distant vales Echo’d back the melancholy sound- “No Meat! No Meat!.” This shows and proves, that over a long period of time these soldiers were slowly dying. Losing food and taking away lives, losing essential supplies to stay alive in this sickly state. The next reason I’m engaging into, as to why I will not re-enlist in the Revolutionary War during this time provoked by supply shortages is “THESE are the times that try men’s souls.” (Doc. D). With this being said, it shows that during this time of the Revolutionary War is the time of when men lose their lives and have little to no supplies. It shows that even wanting to still be in the Revolutionary War and help to gain freedom and fight for what you believe in, no matter what you will have pain with you, dragging you down. Like it says in Doc. D the war is much like

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