Comparing My Brother Sam Is Dead By Collier And Collier

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The mother wept as she watched her son walk away into the fog. She knew the war would take his life, as it had her husband. During the American REvolution, times were hard for many colonial families. Families were torn apart, divided by their belief and choices. Generations clashed. Many tears were shed and lives lost.The Meekers were a family that say the grim brutality of war, more than the glory. In My Brother Sam is Dead, although both sides of the war are shown, author's Collier and Collier ultimately argue that war is futile. Disagreement during the war can prove to be fatal to families. While the war was occurring, many boys made the choice to leave home and fight for their country. Sam Meeker “stole it [the family’s gun] to go play soldier boy” (50). Some boys like Sam stole from their families to prepare for the war. Many were not trained and died quickly, leaving many families with one less son. In the past the “men must fight and the women must weep” (202). With all the men at war the women were left alone throughout the …show more content…

As the years passed in the colonies, many ties to England broke. Even before the war, many people just were not loyal to the king any longer. Many young people state that the British are “three thousand miles away” (7) and yet, they make laws for them. The young boys feel less British and don't feel the connection like their fathers do. Sam Meeker even refers to the British as they, not as the esteemed english government. Meanwhile, Father and his friends disagree with Sam. When Sam rants about the freedom from the war, Father shouts, “Free? Free to do what Sam? Free to mock your king?” () Father refers to the King of England as his kinh. He feels a connection, and is loyal to his home land. Even though Mr. Meeker is portrayed as a loyalist, he really is just against the war. Because he does not agree with war, he warns Sam of the grim brutalities that await him in the

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