Summary Of My Brother Sam Is Dead By James Lincoln Collier

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One saying that has been passed down from generation to generation is that war is always unjust and cruel. The story, My Brother Sam is Dead, by James Lincoln Collier and Christopher Collier, shows how one family was dragged into the war and split apart by it. The Meeker family experienced the unfairness of war by losing friends and family and their business suffering. War is unfair for a number of reasons. One of them is how it drags people into it. For example, on page 94, it states, “Where it ends up I don’t know and I don’t care.” This shows how people get dragged in. The majority of people don’t care about the war and want to live their lives. However they are getting robbed even though they aren’t on anyone’s side. These people are …show more content…

For example, on page 134, it states “Oh the effects of it were real the rising prices, the shortages of everything, the news that so-and-so had been killed in some far away battle.” This means that everyone is affected no matter what. Most farmers need to buy some of their food, so the rising prices make it harder for them to make a living. Many people will lose their jobs and mostly everyone will be hungry all the time. Its even more unfair because these people don’t want to be in the war, but are feeling the effects of it anyways. On page 190, it says “I didn’t see how they could find Sam guilty, he’d fought for three years, he’d risked his life, how could they decide to punish him for something he hadn’t done? It just didn’t make sense.” This shows that many people die unfairly. The general don’t care for their soldiers as much as they should. They don’t give any soldiers the justice they deserve. This is unfair to many families because their sons die without glory. In Sam Meeker’s case, he died without justice or glory. He joined the army for glory and never got any before he died. As a result, many people run out of business and some of their family end up in the

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