Irony In My Brother Sam Is Dead

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A War Within War is inevitable, war is not peaceful nor accepted by many. War is the act portrayed by many men and women who believe they’re making a difference, that one less life in the world is nothing more than the act of taking it. Wars come and go claiming they’re making a difference in a positive way liberating a certain territory, whilst destroying it. War is the true equalizer between life and death, fairness and irony. The novel “My Brother Sam is Dead” symbolizes many of these traits. The authors are brothers James Lincoln Collier and Christopher Collier. The novel’s time period is based in the Revolutionary War era with exceptionally great accuracy. The authors teach a lot of principles including a strong sense of irony, sacrifice,…show more content…
Jerry’s death was also an unexpected death, due to him only being a child, even younger than Tim. When Mrs. Meeker and Betsy, they emphasize his death because of his innocence. Jerry was Tim’s best friend, but Tim was also starstruck. He didn't die peacefully nor was disposed of properly either. When Jerry died, he was also on a British prison ship, died from Cholera like Life, but wasn't buried or was waiting to be claimed. He was put into a body bag with rocks and thrown into the ocean, sinking without anyone knowing. This was the second death in the novel, but most strange due to him being so little and innocent. For Tim, this made him wonder why people would do this, especially to a kid like Jerry. This induces Tim’s decision to become neutral in the war even further."Nobody understands it. They put him on a prison ship and he got sick and died in three weeks. It doesn't make any sense. You can understand why they took Mr. Rogers or Captain Betts, but why imprison a ten-year-old boy?". This was a quote from Mrs. Meeker regarding Jerry’s confusing and ironic death. As she states nobody understands it, which no one did and what had happened before he had passed. He died almost exactly the same as Life, on a British ship, infected by Cholera and
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