Analysis Essay On Common Sense By Thomas Paine

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Common Sense Analysis
“I offer nothing more than simple facts, plain arguments, and common scenes.” (Thomas Paine, Common sense) This is the beginning sentence of “Common scene” written by Thomas Paine. Common sense s is a pamphlet written during a time of struggle between the British Monarchy and the American colonies. It was written to convince the colonist that their government had did them wrong and that they should gain their independence from Britain, by using different type rhetorical devices such as ethos, pathos, and others.
For instance, “We have boasted the protection of great Britain without even thinking that her motivation was interest not attachment…” (Thomas Pain, Common sense) This quote appeals to the colonist logic and their reason. By showing them that Britain doesn’t really care about the American colonies, but instead the reason why the colonies were still under her ruling was because the colonies were a good source of money. Pain tries to show that this type of relationship between the people and its government is not a healthy one, and it …show more content…

Common sense was a short and powerful pamphlet you can more or less say that without it America wouldn’t have gain its independence. The way it was written simple. We have to remember that back then people didn’t had much education so Pain had to write something the common person could understand. And he did and it work he convince people all over the Thirteen colonies to want independence. Also the way it was laid out it didn’t went directly to the point of independence no he first build up to it. Just like stories buildup to their climax, Pain build up to his reason for writing the pamphlet in the first place. The pamphlet climax was that America needed its independence. If he would have gone to the point he could have scare his audience away without having the time to persuade

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