Thomas Paine's Use Of Ethos In The Crisis No. 1

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Would there be an America if people were not able to persuade others? During a time when America is in a war against the British fighting for its independence and had lost every battle except for one during the first year of the war, fearing that the idea of America may fail. Thomas Paine then publishes a pamphlet called The Crisis, No. 1. Regarding this, pathos was the most persuasive technique used to persuade Americans to continue on with the war in Thomas Paine’s The Crisis, No. 1. It was extremely important for Paine to persuade the colonist to continue the war for American independence. He used pathos by using a parent’s love for their children against them to convince the army to continue on with the war. By way of example, when Paine is talking about a tori and patriotic father “finished with this unfatherly expression ‘Well! Give me peace in my day…’ and a generous parent should have said ‘If there must be trouble let it be in my day; that my child may have peace’ and this single reflection, well applied, is sufficient enough to awaken every man to duty” (Paine 109). Notably, Paine is using their children as a reason to continue the war so they do not have to fight in one in the future. Furthermore Paine then …show more content…

Afterwards he uses pathos in an effective way is when he brings back a parent’s feelings toward their children. This is

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