Analysis Of An Ugly Toll Of Technology Impatience And Forgetfulness By Ray Bradbury

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Bradbury wrote these short stories to predict how technology would end up controlling humanity. He displayed different types of dystopian societies. By using governing control, technological control, and community control he helped represent that dystopia illusion. With Bradbury’s writing he could create an illusion utopia world, but in the end all worlds fell into despair. He could ridicule with the tools of satire such as irony and hyperboles. Those tools could help exaggerate stupidity, and help the reader understand the true message. In the article, by Parker-Pope titled “An Ugly Toll of Technology: Impatience and Forgetfulness” the author relates to bradbury’s predictions by explaining technology is becoming too much. In the article it talks about people having an internet addiction, that “more and more life is resembling a chat room.” (Aboujaoude, 1) People are becoming so dependent on it they are forgetting about the real people around them. The internet addiction is becoming so bad that it’s being related to eating disorders. People who are so addicted can’t just give it up, they have to learn “moderation and controlled use.” (Parker-Pope, 1) In the short story, “There will come soft rains” it’s …show more content…

(Mangan, 1) There is an endless cycle of wanting attention but not getting it so one will turn to their phone. Once someone gets use to using technology like that it’ll ruin relationships. This happened in “The Veldt,” the family let “this house replace you and your wife in your children's affections.” (Bradbury, 7) The technology became too much and it ruined all the realness between the family. It became an endless cycle with this family. Just like it can come in endless cycle in today’s

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