Analysis Of Bag Ban Bad For Freedom And Environment By Adam B. Summerss

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In order to respond to the Californian senate’s vote on the plastic bag ban issue, Adam B. Summers published “Bag Ban Bad for Freedom and Environment.” He elaborates upon his opinions on the plastic bag ban issue within his article, stating how he believes that if plastic bags were banned, it would cause more harm than good in several ways, from the environment to jobs. He uses facts and statistics, development of ideas, as well as emotional elements in order to support his claim and persuade the reader of his opinion on the bag ban.
Throughout the entirety of the article, Summers is constantly using statistics and facts to support his claims. He uses these facts to support his thoughts and make the reader more knowledgeable about the issue …show more content…

Even though he is already providing facts that could alter the reader’s views, he expands upon them so his opinions could be seen as more factual. When the reader sees his thoughts in this way, it lends itself to the persuasion of the article, which then leads to the reader into supporting the writer’s views. He states, “The claims that plastic bags are worse for the environment than paper bags or cotton reusable bags are dubious at best. In fact…” Here, Summers is providing an extension to the fact before he stated it, allowing for his own statement to be proven by the following few factual sentences. This connects to his claim that plastic bags should not be banned, as well as the evidence he is providing in the form of the facts. In the article, he says, “Reusable bags come with their own set of problems. They, too, have a larger carbon footprint than plastic bags.” In this statement, which is again before he uses facts to support it, he explains the use of the statistics that are going to be given. The line set the main idea for the paragraph, which he then develops using facts and other concepts relating to this topic. It contributes to his main idea by using a comparison between a different possible option that a person would use over plastic bags, and the contrast between the two is highlighted. Summers later states, “In addition, taxpayers will have to pony up for …show more content…

His type of appeal is different than one would usually see in an article of this sort, whereas he uses humor to engage his reader and draw their attention into the piece. With their attention, he brings the more important issues into the passage, continuously passing his ideas onto the reader. He says, “...debate over plastic bags often devolves into emotional pleas to save the planet or preserve marine life (and, believe me, I love sea turtles as much as the next guy)...” Using the slight humor on an important topic that revolves around his discussion for the article keeps the reader wondering how Summers plans to solve the problems that were originally a reason for plastic bags to be banned. He continues later in the article, “Notwithstanding, the aforementioned reasons why plastic bags are not, in fact, evil incarnate, environmentalists have…” Once again, he uses a slight humor with the major topic at hand to begin his final paragraph. Here, he wants to gain the reader’s attention again before finishing off the article; he hopes to make a difference in how the reader thinks about the issue of the plastic bag ban, in order to change their opinions to those that could align similarly to his own. The light tones and humor he uses within the passage contribute to the persuasion in the piece, willing the reader to reach out and agree with

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