Analysis Of Dana Gioia's Article Why Literature Matters

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In response to the steady decline of readers in America in young adults, writer Dana Gioia argues that reading and reading comprehension is of upmost importanceand needs to be consistently taught in his article “Why Literature Matters”. He effectively fashions his argument by utilizing cause and effect strategies, and professional expertise. In using these persuasive approaches, he successfully advises readers about the need to read. For example, Gioia employs multiple cause and effect techniques throughout the article. He explains that if young adults and teenagers refuse to read, then they will miss out on “crucial intellectual and emotional development” needed for critical thinking skills. (Gioia 1) He displays how reading at a young age and continuing to read throughout their lives can enrich their minds and give them great comprehensional benefits. He further bases his argument that …show more content…

He researched surveys and studies done by multiple institutions, concluding that lack of reading was one of the main root causes for downsides in society as a whole. The NAM (National Association of Manufacturers) ranked skill deficiencies in a poll completed by their workers, and “poor reading skills ranked second”. (Gioia 2) The absence of reading comprehension in their education seems to be the main cause of their poor literacy. Another study, done by the NACL (National Conference of State Legislatures), deduced that “young people do not understand the ideals of citizenship”. (Gioia 2) Gioia agrees that reading at a young age teaches important values of society improves the ability to grasp American culture on a literary level. He-along with multiple organizations-agree that the consequences of not reading are starting to come into

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