Rhetorical Analysis Of Why Literature Matters By Dana Gioia

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Matthew Blount Mrs. Cox English III: A-2 17 January 2023 Persuasive Techniques are the Basis of an Enthralling Article The decrease in American literature prompted Dana Gioia to write a persuasive article arguing that the decline of reading in America will leave a long lasting negative effect on society. In his article “Why Literature Matters,” Gioia constructs his argument by using credibility through ethos and cause and effect. Through this approach, Gioia attempts to persuade readers about the criticality of literature in the future of America. Throughout Gioia’s article, he uses ethos to provide factual information about how a literature decline will have a major negative impact on American society. By using credible sources, Gioia is able to show us that the declines in literacy “have been most severe among younger adults” (Gioia 1). He explains that this is worrisome because literature is a persistent theme in the business world. Gioia also argues that because business and company leaders “consistently set higher-order thinking at the top” (Gioia 1), that this decline in literature is scary to the future workforce — or rather the future of America in general. These …show more content…

By showing readers the negative effects, Gioia is able to effectively persuade readers how not reading will negatively affect America. Gioia argues that “declining rates of literature coincide with political awareness” (Gioia 2). This persuades the reader that a young adult (someone going into their first job) will have a negative effect on society because he will not be independent minded. In the last paragraph of Gioia’s article he argues that as additional “Americans lose capability, our nation becomes less informed” (Gioia 2). The persuasive technique of cause and effect ultimately shows the problems and worries of America’s future; Gioia does a great job of implementing this scary effect throughout his

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