Analysis Of Dream Deterred By Langston Hughes

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Ethan Frome was a rotten man who lets his dream be forgotten. After choosing to stay with Zenobia for seven years, he tried to break free from his monotonous life. He spent time putting off his dream and he suffered because of his choices. In the poem "Dream deferred", Langston Hughes explains what happens to a dream that an individual ignores. Ethan 's dream "festered like a sore" and then escaped him (Hughes 3) Ethan didn 't have an untroubled happy. He spent his time being grumpy and complacent. Ethan "[looked] as if he was dead and in hell" because he chose to fester in his unpleasant situation with Zenobia (Wharton 5). Ethan had planned to become an engineer and moved to the city with Zenobia. He didn 't follow through with

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