Analysis Of Envy And Greed In The Iceman's Case

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Envy and Greed
Consumed with envy and greed, a clan member shot one of his own in order to finalize a better position in the clan. The Iceman’s case was like none other seen before, a forensic mystery that led to a cold trail. New evidence indicates that Ӧtzi was murdered by another clan member. The three main pieces of evidence are that both the killer and Ӧtzi had traveled through the same path, possible originating from the same tribe. Also the fact that Ӧtzi had food in his stomach, which indicated that he felt much safer than he actually was. The last piece of evidence that ties up this murder mystery is that Ӧtzi’s village was more of a hunting community, just beginning to incorporate agricultural foods into their daily lifestyles, …show more content…

This could mean that they were traveling together for some tribe business into the Ӧtzal Alps, and more importantly away from any witnesses. Feeling confident that they were in a safe place away from the tribe, the killer took a chance to kill the Iceman. Although caught off guard, the Iceman still managed to fight back and escape his attacker. This resulted in Ӧtzi traveling down the mountain with multiple injuries, and gaining the chances of running into another clan. During this time period, clans were extremely territorial and very violent towards outsider. This means if Ӧtzi had even a small chance of encountering another clan he would ascend back into the mountains, despite the chance of running into his …show more content…

which means that there were many good hunters in his clan. Evidence that shows this fact is the meat found in Ӧtzi’s stomach. In order to get the meat, his community must have had decent hunters. Ӧtzi also had a variety of weapons to protect himself, weapons most of the clan probably had access to. The killer was an extremely good hunter and could very well be a part of Ӧtzi’s clan. Ӧtzi knew at first how to defend himself in the beginning because he knew the tactics and strategies of the killer due to the fact that he was probably trained similar strategies. Also, the killer had removed the bow and left the valuable copper axe because he did not want to be recognized as the killer preventing his clan from any

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