Analysis Of Everybody Is Ignorant, Only On Different Subjects, By Eliot Andrew Butler

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A Greater Capacity Eliot Andrew Butler, as part of the Chemistry department at Brigham Young University, in his article entitled “Everybody Is Ignorant, Only on Different Subjects,” explains what makes an “educated person” (77). Butler clarifies that the “standard” of an educated person is not only inclusive of Renaissance men. If this were the case, very few people would put forth the effort to reach this bar. However, one can find no effort placed at all if the “standard” is too easy to reach. Butler states that it is important to become educated and one should do so “by his or her own initiative and discipline [that] is consciously, vigorously, and continuingly learning” (78). One who is educated will seek to learn more, and do so whenever,…show more content…
Seek to have a reason to work, and then have the self-control it takes to actually learn it. Learning will have a greater effect on every aspect of life, and all wholesome knowledge will help one grow. All that is learned results in greater understanding, capability and aptitude to better help others. D&C 88:80 explains that one should serve others after obtaining knowledge (qt. in Butler 80). Brigham Young always taught his sons to “observe” (qt. in Butler 81). Studying uplifting enriching topics with continual awareness and dedication, makes an educated person. Butler tells everyone, “The invitation is to all of us” (81). Butler invites everyone to “Join the Living!” by seeking knowledge (82). However, much knowledge also consists of the knowledge of ignorance. One cannot boast as an educated person while one is ignorant of how much one does not know. Nonetheless, that in nowise means one knows nothing but that there is a greater amount that can still be learned.
One must not be discouraged after long times of hard work, with what seems like no reward. An educated person, “will have increased capacity for living amidst some ambiguity, without losing faith in God or man” (87). To be educated increases one’s ability to share joy and love with God’s children. Do not be idle; start
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