Fifty Shades Of Grey Themes

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Oana-Patricia Cosma
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8 January 2016
Fifty Shades of Grey – A Book About Abuse and Not Love

Fifty Shades of Grey is an erotic novel written by E. L. James that became a phenomenon in a very short time which presents Anastasia Steel, a college graduate, and Christian Grey, a young billionaire, whose relationship embodies all the criteria of an unhealthy relationship and is more about sexual abuse, dominance, and violence against women. In a society where the access to information is allowed to anyone, such a book can produce a change of mentality, especially among young women who are still discovering themselves and are building their identity. Reading Fifty Shades of Grey may cause effects which are not quite beneficial in the self-esteem of a girl or woman. In our time, women have become more conscious of their power and therefore they are not settling for second best and will not be
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Also, women, especially young women who are still discovering themselves and are building their personality, must be able to distinguish between a relationship based on love, respect, trust, communication, and freedom and one based on isolation, possessiveness, and the restriction of freedom. Despite the fact that some may say that Fifty Shades of Grey is based on a romantic love combined only with some variety of erotic practices, we should not overlook the scenes in which Christian expresses his possessiveness, when he isolates and controls Anastasia, while being concerned only with his pleasures and…show more content…
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