Analysis Of Kill And Run In The Great Gatsby

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Sia’s song Kill and Run relates to The Great Gatsby as it describes certain actions that occur in this novel. Throughout the lyrics, Sia shows her interpretation of Myrtle’s death through Daisy’s perspective. In the lines “Watching the sequence of sounds / Coming out of your mouth / But the snore is too loud” there is imagery of what Daisy sees before she kills Myrtle. In this scene, Myrtle sees Gatsby’s car and thinks that Tom is in it, so she calls out to him. What she does not know is that Tom is not in the car, only Daisy and Gatsby are. In addition to this, Daisy is not in the right state of mind when this happens because of the argument between Tom and Gatsby. As a result, when Daisy hears Myrtle calling out there is a “snore” that…show more content…
For example, Gatsby has a regressive mindset and thinks that his money can buy him the five years that he lost. He pretends the last five years didn 't go by and denies reminiscences of the present such as Daisy’s child and love for Tom. This contributes to his downfall. In society, many people live in the past today, such as members the KKK. They pretend that their radical mindsets are acceptable, even though it comes from the past. In addition to these individuals, racist, sexist and homophobic individuals also have this mindset, which causes the need for groups like Black Lives Matter and Feminist groups. Like Gatsby, the members of the KKK and other discriminatory individuals still live in the past and forget that everybody else is living in the present. To add to this, in Hollywood, many entertainment personalities are coming front to admit that they have been raped. They share that in their experiences many influential men rape women and abuse their power. This shows the theme of abusing power like Daisy does as she kills Myrtle without holding responsibility since she is of “class”. In both society today and The Great Gatsby, individuals of high stature abuse their power. Lastly, many people come to Canada and the United States for better opportunities, this relates to the theme of the American Dream. Many immigrants think that in the United States all their problems will go away and that success will come if they work hard enough. In this novel, Gatsby falls for the American dream and he works very hard for his money and although he finds success he isn’t content as he never becomes an equal to the East Egg. Through trying to become an East Egg resident he ends up dying, just like many immigrants struggle to come to the United States and end up disappointed. Unfortunately, the themes of The Great
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