Analysis Of O Captain My Captain

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Poetry, the glue that attaches people to intangible ideas, feelings and beliefs of others is also functioned to picture historical events in epics. Walt Whitman’s masterpiece, O Captain! My Captain! is likely to be listed as the most famous poem regarding the American Civil War. With two hundred words in depth, Walt Whitman pays tribute to United State’s 16th president Abraham Lincoln. Although Lincoln is never directly mentioned, he is alluded through the poem’s metaphor. It is clear that this poetry refer to a certain historical event, but what exactly he is referring to? Does he refer to Lincon’s powerful leader in the civil war? Or was he trying to portray the damage happened in the civil war? Throughout the essay, writer will examined particular phrases regarding the historical background of this poem. In the first stanza, the speaker says: “O Captain! my Captain! Our fearful trip is done, The ship…show more content…
My Captain! at the time of its publication is able to moves its reader with complete undertones of both glory and sadness over the dreadful Civil War. Throughout the poem, Whitman portrayed Abraham Lincoln as the Captain and the fallen ship’s captain refers to the fall of United State over Lincoln’s leadership. The whole poem is also an allusion to United States of America during its early years of independence and shows how much the poet was sad when Lincoln’s body was founded dead. In conclusion, the poem has brought national mourning and a period of reflection. Learning from the analysis, readers are able to fully understand regarding the situation during and after the Civil War. Moreover, readers can also learn about how the Civil War ends and appreciate more on what the people at that time do to win the victory. From the poem itself, readers will realize that the power of perception can give 1 thing 2 entirely different labels and emotion blinds truth. We must hold on to what is true, even when our emotions burn within us to take reactive
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