Analysis Of One Amazing Thing

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One Amazing Thing. Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni. USA: Hyperion, 2009. 209pp. Under the rubric of Commonwealth Literature, there is always a bewildering array of overlapping and intersecting experiences between ‘home’ and ‘abroad’. The ‘rootlessness’ which is central to an immigrant consciousness also connotes an underlying phenomenon of ‘give-and-take identity politics’ of a pre-defined identity along with the coterie of religious, cultural, racial, social values and norms thus become a site of hope, of a new beginning. All these issues come up in a unique fashion in One Amazing Thing by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni. This is unique from the perspective that unlike her other works where India is mostly viewed through the eyes of Indian natives, here in this novel there are some non- native characters who aspire to settle nowhere but in India with the hope of fulfilling their dreams which were otherwise lost in the materialistic soil of America. In One Amazing Thing, there are only nine characters and the plot is neatly developed around there lives and individual experiences. All of them meet on the day when they are caught by the unpremeditated massive earthquake which hit the US visa office of the Indian consulate. It is on this day each of them shares an ‘amazing’ story from their private life which also provides an avenue for the understanding of the dynamics of immigrant experiences. Before beginning with the details of the work, I would like to mention that the author

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