Analysis Of Two Ways To Belong In America By Bharati

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In the essay “Two Ways to Belong in America,” from 50 essays, Bharati Mukherjee contrasts the different views of the United States from two Indian sisters. The author distinguishes her American lifestyle to her sister’s traditional Indian lifestyle. Both sisters grew up in Calcutta, India, moved to America in search of education and work. Bharati adjusts to the American society very quickly, where her sister Mira clings to her Indian traditions more strongly. Despite both sisters living in America, only Bharati is an American citizen, while her sister Mira is not. Bharati argues the two ways to belong in America are to transform yourself as an immigrant, or to be an exile. Her sister, Mira, hangs on passionately to her Indian lifestyle and hopes return home to retire. Although their plan was to study for two years in America and then return to India, both sisters unexpectedly married men of their choice. Which kept both sisters in America for an extended period of time. Meanwhile after living in America for over 30 years, the laws on the benefits of immigrants are implemented only to the new immigrants. Mira feels betrayed by her country. She believes the laws should benefit immigrants who been in …show more content…

Bharati was settling for “fluidity, self-invention, blue jeans, and T-shirts”(268). Bharati decided to be a part of a new community by marrying someone of a different community and living an American lifestyle. Unlike Mira, Bharati has adapted to the American community and has become a part of it. However, like Mira, she too has not felt welcomed in a community. Bharati compares Mira’s situation in America to one that she faced in Canada, where the government turned against the immigrants. She never truly got to feel part of the Canadian society. That is why she has already acquired American citizenship, she understands the betrayal that her sister

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