Americanized Rebel Without A Green Card Essay

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Cultural assimilation is a complex process in which a minority culture begins to adopt the values, beliefs, and behaviors of the dominant culture. In Americanized Rebel Without a Green Card by Sara Saedi, the author portrays the process of cultural assimilation from the perspectives of two different characters: Sara and her father. Through their experiences, Saedi illustrates the challenges and impact of cultural assimilation on individuals in America. Sara, the novel's protagonist, is a first-generation Iranian immigrant who finds it difficult to fit in with her American peers because of her ethnicity. She is under pressure to conform to American beauty standards while rejecting her Iranian ancestry. For instance, she says, "My whole life, my mom and aunts had praised me for how American I looked. It was a virtue to have paler skin than most Iranians…” (Saedi 43). This shows the transformed pressure of cultural assimilation and how it can cause people to reject their cultural identity. Sara's desire to assimilate is reinforced further by her peers' discrimination and exclusion, as she states: "I couldn't help but wonder if my race automatically put me at a disadvantage" (Saedi 51). This demonstrates how marginalization and …show more content…

Sara says, "I remember once asking my dad if he felt like he belonged in America. He said he didn't know. He said he always felt like an outsider, like he was always observing but never really participating" (Saedi 4). This demonstrates how difficult cultural assimilation can be for some people, particularly those who have strong ties to their cultural heritage. Sara's father's experience demonstrates how cultural assimilation is a difficult process, with individuals facing unique challenges based on their cultural background and personal

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