My Favorite Chaperone Summary

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Immigrants that are new to the American society are often so used to their own culture that it is difficult for them to accept and adapt to the American culture. The language that is spoken, as well as the various holidays and traditions that Americans entertain themselves with, aren’t what most immigrants would deem a neccessity for their life to move on. Nonetheless, they still have to be accustomed to these things if they have any chance of suceeding in a land where knowledge is key. The story “My Favorite Chaperone” written by Jean Davies Okimoto, follows the life of a young girl who along with her brother Nurzhan, her mother known as mama, and her father whom she refers to as Papi have immigrated to the United States from Kazakhstan, through a dating magazine. Throughout the story each family member faces problems that causes them to realize just how different their life is know that they’ve immigrated.. Even though Jean Davies Okimoto doesn’t tell the reader this, based on textual evidence we are …show more content…

In her family’s homeland, Kazakhstan, an interaction between a boy and a girl is unacceptable. Due to the fact that Maya’s family isn’t accustomed to the American culture just yet, Maya’s father finds shame in the fact that his daughter would do such a thing. Upon returning home Maya’s father is quick to blame her mother for her actions. “Is this how you raise your daughter! Is this what you teach her? Lessons to be a toy for American boys!” Maya’s father may have believed that her actions were shameful, but Nurzhan, her brother, believed differently and felt the need to voice his thoughts to their mother. “It’s different here, Mama. I’m sure Maya and those guys were playing. Joking, like in a game.” This shows that Nurzhan was sympathetic to his sister’s actions, and that he truly understood that everything wouldn’t be the same

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