What Is The Tone Of Eat Turkey Become American

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Discuss the context of your selected article, the author's purpose, and the style and tone. What have you learned from this early analysis?
In her personal essay “Eat Turkey, Become American,” Marie Myung-Ok Lee reflects on her immigrant experience in the United States. She discusses how celebrating Thanksgiving has helped her connect with her American identity and how her family has adapted to American culture. Lee also explores the idea of assimilation and its positive and negative aspects for immigrants. Through her humorous and lighthearted writing style, Lee illustrates how food can bridge cultural divides and create a sense of belonging. She uses the example of eating turkey as a symbol of American identity that helps immigrants feel …show more content…

She reflects on how her family has adapted to American culture and how Thanksgiving has become a way for her to feel connected to her new home. The essay also touches on the idea of assimilation and how it can be both a positive and negative experience for immigrants. Lee’s purpose in this article is to explore the idea of how food can be used to bridge cultural divides and create a sense of belonging.
Overall, Lee’s article celebrates the cultural diversity in the United States. Through her personal experiences and reflections, she shows how food can play an important role in helping immigrants feel more connected to their new home. The style and tone of the article is humorous and lighthearted, making it an enjoyable read for anyone interested in exploring the immigrant experience in America.
How will a closer analysis of the author's claim and the writing structure help you learn more about your selected reading?
Taking a closer look at the author’s argument and how they’ve structured their writing can really help us get a better grasp of the main points they’re trying to make. By examining the essay’s structure, we can see how the author builds their case and uses evidence to back up their claims. Plus, analyzing the writing style can reveal any persuasive techniques or rhetorical devices they’ve used to make their argument even more

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