Sweet And Respectful Analysis

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Lessons from the Culture Every year we see family emigrate to other countries, and they face many challenges. The stories “Sweet, Sour, and Resentful”, by Firoozeh Dumas, and from “Fish Cheeks”, by Amy Tan, share similar cultures and really interesting stories. Also, both families from the essay share several challenges that they are face when they move to the United States of America. The two families share many similarities; however, they differ in to keeping their culture, showing openness, and teaching a lesson from their culture to others. Both families from the essay share and strongly believe in to keeping their culture. Amy Tan’s mother does not want her daughter to forget and feel shame about her culture. For example, Amy does not want her mother to cook their traditional dishes, and her mother decides to cook their traditional food anyway (111). However, Firoozeh Dumas’ parents do not want …show more content…

During Christmas, Tan is worrying about how Robert is going react about their culture. Tan’s mom sees that she does not like the culture of her family in front of Robert. Furthermore, her mom does not want her daughter to be ashamed of her family and her culture. The best way for Tan’s mom to teach her a lesson is to follow their culture on her way to cook and act, and she says something unique, “Your only shame is to have a shame.” Its change the way she thinks after year later (111). However, Dumas’s parents teach her lesson about when people are moving to other country, and do not forget the people and the culture of the family. For example, Dumas dad gives a lesson when he is helping his relative and his friends from Iran. Furthermore, every weekend her dad invites them for dinner to show her daughter that it is important to not forget the culture. Also, Dumas mother cooks their own dishes to share with friends and relatives every weekend

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