Two Ways To Belong In America Summary

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Culture is the way we grow and learn our life lessons. From the food we eat, to the type of music we were raised around; all of this contributes to our culture. All of us grow into culture differently. In some places, women aren’t allowed to attend school because of their different beliefs. In America, it’s mandatory for all children to attend school until you are at least 17. Culture highly affects the way we all live our lives, and view the world.

In the personal essay, “Two Ways to Belong in America” by Bharati Mukherjee, it describes the way America can affect another backgrounds culture. The essay talks about two sisters who move to America and take on completely different lifestyles. Bharati takes on the American culture of wearing blue jeans and t-shirts, marrying a man from North Dakota, and …show more content…

The Two sisters are raised the exact same way, but have two different effects on the way they want to express their now different cultures. Maggie wanted to express her culture in the way that her mother taught it, but Dee wanted to express her culture differently because she wasn’t appreciative of the one she was raised in. Dee was not happy with the farm life; she chose the city life over it. Her family ashamed her as she explains that she changed her name, “I couldn’t bear it any longer, being named after the people who oppress me.” (Walker 63). Dee didn’t let her culture decide her life or affect it. She decided to break free and experience other options. She used her culture as a “trophy”, not her background unlike Momma and Maggie. Even though Dee didn’t appreciate her culture, it still affected her views because it caused her to leave and experience a variety of different lifestyles that she could freely

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