Coming To America Narrative Essay

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My mom told me that I needed to start preparing my luggage. I was very confused, so I ask my mom, “get ready for what?” My mom replied, “ prepare to come to America!” I was very excited, because I have never learned or experienced of what it would be like to live in a totally different country. Full of mind was thought about how the United States will look like; what is their living environment; how do education works in school. On the other hand, I’m emotional, because I will leave my family. My family gave me lots of love and care while my parents are in America. Immediate leaves them, it was painful for me to accept it. A week later, my uncle informs me about my ticket that’s going to America. I just realize that my uncle silently arrange all of this behind me. I don’t notice why the time is passing so fast. Constantly, in the midnight, I found my grandma in her own secretly …show more content…

This day have attained, we must prepare to set off early in the morning. The streets are quiet and the air is still fresh as before. Our car slowly began to accelerate. After approximately 40 minutes of driving, we are finally arriving to the airport. My uncle is taking me to a side, accountable me since I’m require to be independent, because parents need to go work, don’t have much time can accompany me. My uncle is the strict person in our family. In that moment, I strongly touch his warmth. I never contemplate of my uncle will burst into tears, because of my departure. Time is of the past, from my boarding time draws near. Contemporary scene is the exactly same with television shows. Five minutes left, start pulling luggage, walk with heavy trend. I cannot look back, because I’m fearful to see all of the tears. Nonetheless, I finally receive the courage to look back, my family is still standing in the same position with dismay eyes. I wave back to my lovely family, it is a hurtful

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