El Salvador: A Personal Narrative Of My Life

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It was July 15, 2012 my heart was pounding as fast as a racing car,as I slowly walked the steps of the enormous plane,I slowly thought of how different my life was gonna be, in new place i’ve never been to.I felt exited to meet this place but at same time I felt scared……how different was Latin America gonna be?

“El Salvador”,my mom softly repeated the name of the place we where traveling to.After four hours of watching the white clouds,and the peaceful sky, we had finally arrived. As we stepped out of the Airport my eyes where rapidly attracted to all the Cultural things around me,I could feel how my lungs breathed in and out the smell of traditional food and fresh natural air. As me and my parents got seated on the taxi,the car started
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the way he played with it,with such happiness, that smile..like if it was one of the best “toys” in the whole world,I knew it wasn 't, but for him it was.I observed his close with dark stains.After a while, my heart felt damaged too,with just observing an innocent kid in this conditions…I knew I had to keep walking and just carry on the memory with me.I hugged the kid and I told him to be strong, but I knew he couldn 't understand me but something of the way he looked at me told me he did.I finally, kept going with my journey.As I walked I knew something had already changed in my life! The word “Appreciate” had finally carved in my brain.The kid I saw before I kept going with my journey wasn 't the only one who was playing with stick others with rocks and dirt….. that day I had finally realized what I had a shelter, food,cloth and sometimes to think I wanted more.This journey had thought me my first lesson and there was more to
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