Analysis Of Plotz's Article On Privacy

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Hello Everyone! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! With Plotz 's article I agree that he states many compelling arguments to why people should worry less about our privacy or lack there of it. But as a whole, I disagree with what Plotz’s discussed in his article, he argues that “Losing privacy has made it much cheaper to use a credit card, or buy a house”(Plotz, 69). I believe many would rather have their more privacy on financial matters than lower credit cards rates and having it be easier to purchase a home. Further, this quotes puts others opinions and motives in perspective. “The first flaw of privacy: People care a great deal about their own, but not all about anyone else’s. But I bet you want to know if your baby-sitter has ever been convicted of child abuse, if your business partner has a history of bankruptcy, if your boyfriend is still married.” (Plotz, 68). People want to make sure they’re protected by having the knowledge of others private matters.…show more content…
That situation is just our reality in this day in age. My question is would you have rather have the benefits that Plotz’s stated in his article in sacrifice of your privacy? Have a great day! ~Gabrielle
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