Analysis Of Resiliend By Elie And Roland

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Pain is temporary…..

Resilience is a funny word. Resilience: To many it describes attributes of inorganic compounds: metals, non-metals, and compounds. These things have traits that make it bend, compress or stretch. These factors have been proven by scientists to remain constant when describing a trait for a specific material, it's always the same. Factors that make a human resilient are much more complex, and differ between every human, but the factor that makes Elie and Roland so resilient is there use of pain to drive them forward. Many people may argue that you can’t survive off of pain. The uses of pain to make you resilient is unhealthy, and will lead you down a dark path. It's true, it will lead you down a dark path, but for these two characters it no longer matters for them; they have nothing else to lose. …show more content…

people who have witnessed the suffering and murder of their people. Elie and Roland's stories are stories of resilience. What made these two individuals so strong in the face of so much pain and terror. How could they continue when all of their loved ones had been killed, slaughtered, murdered? It’s simple really, they both had a reason to keep fighting, they had a reason to endure all of this pain. As a wise man once said “there is no purpose in life without an end goal.” and this end goal is the only reason Elie and the gunslinger, Roland, have endured so much. In the book Night Elie saw horrors that would make even the strongest of men go insane. “Trucks drew close and unloaded its hold: small children. Babies! (32)” Elie saw the dead children with his own eyes. He saw them being burned in ditches. All of those innocent lives, lost to the sands of time, but not for him, Elie took all of those images all that pain to the grave. In this sentence we see why he survived, he pushed through everything in his way he

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