Analysis Of Revenge In Great Expectations

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Analysis of revenge in great expectations
Revenge was a dynamic storytelling tool that was incorporated well by Charles Dickens in his novel Great Expectations. Revenge was instrumental in the overarching plot and was a large motivation in a lot of the character’s actions and events leading up to Pip’s expectations and even after. These events impacted Pip positively and negatively and allowed moral growth in Pip and progressed the plot. It all began with Magwitch who was betrayed by his partner in crime, Compeyson, and wants revenge for it. Then Miss Havisham, who was also swindled by Compeyson, seeks revenge against all men and even raised a child for that sole purpose. Also, there was Orlick who always got the short end of the stick after Pip arrived at his new wealth and developed a great hatred for Pip. These plot lines were in the background of everything that was going on in the book and sometimes took center stage in Pip’s perspective.
Magwitch 's revenge is what kicked off the plot and had a major effect on Pip’s life. Magwitch was born into poverty and had to depend on larceny to survive. Naturally he became acquainted with Compeyson, a smooth talking, good looking, dexterous, and deceiving man, who had “a dab in the ways of gentle folks.”(368) Compeyson was behind a lot of the conflicts that occurred because of his crafty nature. When Magwitch and compeyson was put on trial for their crimes “Compeyson as was recommended to mercy on account of good character and
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