Analysis Of Robert Ray's The Thematic Paradigm

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The American people prefer to live together, but they also love individualism. This paper looks at how Robert Ray explores enduring people’s thoughts about society and how to balance community and the individual. Ray’s model was designed to use as a guide in Hollywood movies. Ray combined academic study from history to look at scholarship, and psychology as well; he didn’t end there, but he equally explained how written works have repeatedly been used in worldviews about the community behavior in trying to avoid breaking the law or to weaken the American film industry. Ray’s “The Thematic Paradigm” considered persistence in approach which has been used in the worldviews and tradition as the two reasons why the American people have not avoided …show more content…

In “The Paradigm”, an explanation is applied by using the background of personalities and beliefs to talk about some of the official heroes who in this case are family men as well as looking at the outlaw heroes who are being …show more content…

Ray’s disagreement is the misgiving of the American society. They want both of these extremes in their lives, and they do not want to choose”, he lamented. Each hero backs the other up in his own way, which reflects the difficulty in choosing only one hero’s beliefs/personality this example gives an understanding of film history, it helps society change styles such as ‘reality’ which is made up of assent and reputation (Film. Form. And Culture), meaning that people’s social behavior is really anassert strongly even though it is also publicized in pleasure, the most comforting thing is that it makes people agree and accept what they see. Whether what they are seeing is a twist or not, automatically it become an important idea that they see. Of cause film goers are intelligent, they don’t just believe everything they see what is on the screen; everyone has a certain way of desiring the sense of covert to American films. To be able to reflect on the importance of having the correct patterns which does not injure their beliefs, doubts, values, or they standing in community. The mixed feeling on aspect of civilization has made the

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