Analysis Of Something In Between Jasmine De Los Santos

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What would you do if you had gotten a prestigious award but cannot accept it because you were illegal? In the beginning of the book, “Something in Between”, Jasmine de los Santos discovers that she is illegal, prompting her to hope that an immigration bill would pass, in favor of allowing immigrants to stay, but the bill dies at the hands of the House of Representatives. Next, Jasmine finds herself at a harsh trial, where a judge repeatedly rejects her accomplishments, mocking her cheerleading skills. In the end, when a private bill is created to make Jasmine and her family legal immigrants, her boyfriend’s brother destroys the bill by presenting it to the media. Although most argue that the tale of “Something In Between” is overly optimistic, the author actually portrays the story through poor luck and prejudice. First, Jasmine discovered that there is a bill going through the House of Representatives, to help undocumented immigrants like herself. The bill died in the House of Representatives, because of her boyfriend’s father, Congressman Blakely, who was the house majority leader. Jasmine is deeply …show more content…

However, her boyfriend’s brother, Mason, ruined it all by revealing to the media the bill. Her boyfriend’s father was actually against immigrants, leading to many horrible rumors spreading across the media, like wildfire. Jasmine’s family is trashed on the news and her boyfriend, Royce, becomes frustrated because of the massive hate against his father. Mason’s atrocious deed was horrible luck, because of his father’s issues. If Congressman Blakely had spent more time with his sons and less time on politics, then Mason would have never attempted to maliciously destroy the bill for Congressman Blakely’s attention. Through bad news, Jasmine grows as a person, learning to ignore what others say about her, especially if they are

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