The Guard Essays

  • Security Guard Research Paper

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    Security Guard can be found everywhere, whether it’s in a mall, a concert, or your school. Security Guards serve a very important purpose other than to just sit around and watch you walk through the hallways. They protect and serve everyday, to make sure you are safe. Not only do Security Guards risk their live everyday for you, but they also feel accomplish on being one too. They keep the school from going into chaos and make sure that no one suspicious come into the building, to protect the student

  • Process Essay: How To Train A Guard Dog

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    How to Train a Guard Dog? If you have a pet dog who is amiable with all the people he meets including strangers and you want him to train to make him a guard dog then this article will help you a lot. Although most of the dogs can scare anyone with their bark and alert their owners at the same time but training them to become guard dogs can help you in times of emergency. A well-trained dog will guard you at all the times and will also attack the person causing you harm. Training a dog to make him

  • Coast Guard Summary

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    1. CAPT Beauregard’s devotion to the men and women of the Coast Guard is truly evident in his personal desire to help them achieve the greatest possible measure of professional and personal success while under his command. 2. He believes in recognizing good works at the time they occur, rather than waiting on recognition until the end of a member’s tour. By bestowing on-the-spot personal awards, CAPT Beauregard proves he is always involved with what personnel are doing to make C3CEN a Center of

  • Coast Guard Research Paper

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    The Coast Guard The Coast Guard is unique in that it combines military, law enforcement, humanitarian, and regulatory functions under a single organization that serves under the Department of Homeland Security. Despite reporting to the Department of Homeland Security, Title 14 stipulates that the Coast Guard is a military service and Coast Guard ships are US warships. It is the only armed service that draws its authority from Title 14 of the US Code rather than Title 10 and is the only service exempt

  • Personal Narrative-Escobar

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    Escobar drove home in my Porsche Cayenne after a long day at the hospital. When I arrived home, I instantly smelled my wife 's Menudo Rojo cooking. “Hello Juan, why so late tonight? It 's almost nine.” my wife asked and handed me a glass of red wine. “I had a couple errands to run,” I replied. I knew I couldn 't keep lying to her about what I did after work. With a sense of guilt coursing through me, I continued over to my glass dining table and took a seat. She walked over with my meal and set

  • The Patriot Act: A Narrative Analysis

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    the alleyway, knocking over the kiosk brandishing test merchandise. A guard raised his pistol to shoot him, but at that moment Charles knocked him down with the butt of his gun. Gever looked at the newcomer. “What’s your name? Mine’s Gever Baud!” he shouted as he ran over to a gun stockpile. “Diesel, pleased to meet you!” the newcomer shouted back as he ran with him. After Gever, Diesel and the others finished off the guards, they began to make their way to the city hold. Cutting down a banner

  • Lazy Joe Short Story

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    definition, was stupid enough to leave me and Gwen alone with only one security guard during “nap time”. And of all guards, although the staff is low because who would want to take care of a bunch of ill people right? This prison would leave us with “lazy Joe”. Have they lost their minds? Have they forgotten? Surely not, who could forget the rampage Gwen and I threw upon not having our pudding. Since that day, every guard trembles upon my presence, not to forget switching from glass cups and plates

  • Essay On Lord Of The Flies Vs Ralph's Leadership

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    A good leader may not be the kindest person, but the thing that matters the most is how they lead their nation. A national leader is someone who is confident, strong minded, physically strong, provides protection and provides supplies for their people. In Lord of the Flies, written by William Golding, Jack proves that he would make a better national leader than Ralph. Jack creates jobs and maintains them. He also provides safety for his people and he has an intelligent mindset of how to rule his

  • Process Essay On Becoming A Lifeguard

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    Working as a lifeguard has it’s ups and downs, but in the end it 's an easy and fun summer job for teenagers. Moreover, lifeguarding teaches great skills to teenagers that they can later use to help them in life and build friendships with other guards that last a lifetime. The first step in becoming a lifeguard is the application process. The lifeguard job is appointed by the city, therefore the application and interview is held at City Hall. The application process is more competitive than

  • Clingy Lifeguard

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    they can break the rules with no repercussions, scurry behind the guard chair. Lastly, standing as close to the chair as they possibly can, the clingy kid who will not leave the guards alone, no matter what. At the pool you can see all different types of people

  • Jonathan Wayne Nobles Analysis

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    transformation, from when he first went to prison to his final moments. At the beginning, Nobles was a constant problem. He would: try to avoid other inmates, escape prison, and even put himself in harm’s hands just so that he would be given a shot to harm the guards. Although, just like how Earle described it, “somewhere along the line,

  • Farenheit 451 Unit 1 Dialectical Journal

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    computer that tracked the every move of the unit. The Creator controlled everything and there were rumors that he would do nasty things to the people who spoke up or opposed his rule. As Jacob was thinking, he didn’t notice he had fallen behind. A robot guard gave him a rough push with his gun and Jacob shuffled back up into the crowd. He squeezed through the tight crowd and met up with his friend, Mark. Mark always seemed so

  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Ellis Island

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    day is finally my 14 birthday. My parents told me to wait a year to go to Ellis island and it is finally here. Now all I have to do is go from Clonmel to Tramore where the boat will be and from there to france. It has been one long day and my horse, Tug, is getting tired and he needs food. We are almost to Tramore and I am also hungry to. We finally make it to Tramore and I go straght to the market. I buy 4 apples, 2 loafs of bread, and a jar of jelly. I decied to take it on the ship to eat.I had

  • Creative Writing: The Handmaid's Tale

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    Baladad, and in front of it a war zone. Bahauddin knew Balabad was facing danger, but not a complete onslaught from an enemy tribe. The king neglected to tell him this. As Bahauddin neared Balabad’s walls the guards stopped him. “Halt! No entry to Balabad as order from the king!” The guard yelled. “My name is Bahauddin Shah, our ruler sent me to retrieve the Seven Keys. Whether Balabad lives or dies solely depends on if you let me through, “ Bahauddin stated. “Show us the keys

  • Jean Valjean In Les Miserables

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    Imagine getting put in jail for nineteen years for stealing a loaf of bread. This is what Jean Valjean had to experience. Jean Valjean, the main character of Tom Hooper’s drama Les Miserables, gets out of prison, where he was put for stealing a loaf of bread, at the beginning of the movie. After being told that he’d be let out of jail, his dreams of living a normal life were utterly shattered within a couple seconds. This happened because Javert gave him a slip of paper marking him as a ‘dangerous’

  • Communication And Safety In The Workplace Essay

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    Assignment- ASG1 Safety & health at work Explain the role of communications & training in the promotion & provision of health & safety in the workplace Communication is very important in the workplace verbal and non-verbal is valuable in the workplace. Lots of company’s spend a lot of money to train their employees on how to communicate. The importance of communication in the workplace is often overlooked. Effective communication is a skill that everyone can develop. Developing these skills will

  • Personal Narrative: My First Day At State Prison

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    backwards by my pony-tail. I was caught off guard and was sent hurdling backwards, tripping over

  • Personal Narrative: The Man In Black

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    you’re alerted.” He put a black and white striped uniform on my bed, then left. I remembered what Henry said, “We should stick together.” Well, he got what he wanted. I looked at the wooden clock attached to the tent. Thirty minutes had passed. The guard returned with Henry, handing the same uniform as me and telling him the same instructions. The man left, leaving a stench much like how a dead animal smells. I slowly wandered over to Henry and said, “Do you remember when one of the men and black

  • Military Interview Narrative

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    revenge. I began to sneak around the city, scavenging weapons and supplies necessary to complete my personal mission. I would go to the nearby military base where Nallan was stationed, and learned as much as I could about it. I figured out when the guard shifts were and where the base was most vulnerable. I watched and followed Nallan and learned his schedule so that I would be able to assassinate him. I found a rifle with a few rounds, a sword, and some explosive. I did have to steal armor to protect

  • Personal Narrative: My Last Day In India

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    I flew across the rocky blue Arabian Sea on flight AI1010 to America. With a new home and husband awaiting me, a new world ahead stuck on this huge metal plane, I feel so distant from everything I once knew. After spending the last six weeks with my husband’s brother and his wife in their home; cooking, cleaning and serving tea and sweets to guests, my nights leading up to this day have been spent tossing and turning at the thought of my parents being so distant and my new life so near. My last