The Absolutely True Diary Of A Part Time Indian Summary

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The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

“The Absolutely True Diary of a Part- Time Indian” is a story narrated by Arnold Spirit, Jr an Indian Blooded kid who was born and raised in a indian reservation in Wellpinit, WA. Arnold Is a very uncommon indian starting by the fact that he was born different than any Indian he was born different than any normal human, he was born with too much “water in his brain” too much cerebrospinal fluid. Cerebrospinal fluid is a fluid that protects the brain inside the skull, as a baby Arnold had to have surgery, a surgery to extract the extra cerebrospinal fluid from his brain. This surgery is a very dangerous surgery do to its risk of being left in a vegetable state. Fortunately for Arnold he made it …show more content…

In 3rd grade Arnold had a foot size of 11 not normal for a 3rd grader he also had a bigger skull than all the other kids, all of this deformations or imperfections made a childhood full of bullying and just a tough experience as he grew up in the reservation. Arnold was a victim and an easy pray for the oppressing Indians. As a kid he was a victim of at least one attack per month from any indian who just seemed to be in the mood of taking out his anger that day. Terrified from being bullied and harassed from anyone Arnold grew most of his childhood in school and inside his house. Arnold’s best friend is Rowdy, an Indian kid from his same reservation, unlike Arnold Rowdy is a bully and a very aggressive individual all of Arnold’s child hood in the reservation was accompanied by Rowdy who protects him from any other bullies and anyone who dares to bother him. Although their relationship seemed to be inseparable a conflict starts to arise in this friendship when Arnold is convinced by his geometry teacher Mr. P to leave the reservation, Mr. P convinces Arnold that if he stays in there his hope will slowly begin to vanish. Arnold quickly reacts to his professor’s words and the next day he gives his parents the great and surprising news. Arnold wants to attend Reardan High School a school for middle …show more content…

In that first game against his own people, he is chanted off “Arnold sucks! Arnold sucks! Arnold sucks!” but still not intimidated. He is about to enter the game when suddenly a flying coin from the stands hits his forehead and makes him bleed, stitched up Arnold decides he still wants to play. Arnold is put in the game, but again he is injured and knocked unconcious by his best friend Rowdy. Reardan High School loses the game and Arnold ends up in the hospital. After this tragic loss, Arnold the coach and his team felt the loss more personal. The next game was taken place in Reardan and the surprise was that Arnold became the star of the game scoring the first three pointer of the game, the first three points of the game that automatically defeated the Wellpinit team physiologically. The Reardan team won that game but Arnold felt bad for the Wellpinit team he felt bad that he defeated his own blood but mostly he felt bad because he knew what the future was for both teams. The Wellpinit players had no hope at all, and the Reardan players well, they had hope and a future to plan. School ended and Arnold went back to his life in the reservation but one day a knock on his door brightened the view “knock, knock” come

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