Hans Christian Andersen The Little Mermaid Analysis

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The Little Mermaid.
By Metaphrog and Hans Christian Andersen. Illus. by Metaphrog.
2017. 80p. Papercutz, $13.99 (9781629917399). 741.5. Gr. 2-5.
In this article, Andersen’s story of the mermaid wishing to be loved by a human prince is one of the few classic made-up fairy tale. It’s one of the greatest Disney musical version to the young readers. An artist duo Metaphrog serves a great example in recreating the little mermaid though the young readers that’s only familiar with their vision that can be shocking by the end, which is true to the original story. The author keeps both rhythm of Andersen’s writing as well as the unhappiness that he loved so much, but none of the character in the story smiles and their brows are crumple by the worry …show more content…

The play images how children living in Copenhagen, Denmark at the time of the book of Andersen’s made-up would have told the little mermaid fairy tales. In Andersen’s story young mermaid thrilled by the human world and the human idea of a forever-living souls sets out to get a soul for herself. Her method doing so is to win the love of a human prince will share his soul with her upon marriage. The human prince wanted to marry the little mermaid, but the little mermaid is left with a difficulty of killing the prince to save herself or dying. Kenny’s transformation Andersen’s make up story to remove the Christian search for a soul to focus instead on the love for the prince, the soul becoming a secondary prize. While it is decision that reflects the young audience of the play for whom the idea of a soul may be too abstract, the move to change the mermaid’s desire places this helpful change in the tradition of other variation of “The Little Mermaid” that establish the mermaid as a modern female hero who is a person who dies in the name of romantic love. While magnified the cries achieve by Wells and Tesoro may have helped the young audience get the through successfully the possible shock of the un-Disney like ending, the comedy of the harms the terrible event of the mermaid’s

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