Review Of Scott O Dell's Island Of The Blue Dolphins

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Article Review The article ´´ Surviving Rescue: A Feminist Reading of Scott O’Dell’s Island of the Blue Dolphins´´ by Diann L. Baecker published in Children’s Literature in Education in 2007 critically analyzes the content and main character of Island of the Blue Dolphins. The analysis includes a feminist approach and focuses on the theme of survival. Baecker contrasts the original story The Lost Woman of San Nicolas with Island of the Blue Dolphins. First, the analysis highlights special traits that O´Dell modifies to adapt Karana´s character making her likable to young readers. Additionally, Baecker compares Karana´s archetypal with other´s novels female characters ´´The archetype of the young, orphaned virgin in need of rescue by the handsome prince finds its way into many stories…such heroines as Snow White, Cinderella, Ariel, and Belle´´ (Baecker 197). All these characters share features but, at the same time, their stories are different. Karana´s plot focuses on survival and independence. Initially, the article summarizes Island of the Blue Dolphins. Accordingly to Baecker survival is the main theme, ´´Island becomes a story of independence, self-reliance, self-realization, and growth. It is not just a story of rescue…but a story of survival´´ (Baecker 196). Indeed, Karana´s character growths and…show more content…
The detailed explanation of Karana´s traits help the reader understand the reasons behind the young girl´s actions; moreover, the study of the theme of survival is well explained and supported by Baecker´s analysis of the plot. Therefore, I agree with Baecker´s insight: ´´Island of the Blue Dolphins becomes a feminist story of survival and not a story of rescue´´ (Baecker 205). Karana´s female character represents independence and her survival and happiness became a priority over being rescued by a prince
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