Analysis Of The Sociology Of Leopard Man

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Society the Thief: Examining the Motif of Individuality in “The Sociology of Leopard Man”
In the article “The Sociology of Leopard Man” written by Logan Feys, I agree that society takes people’s individuality to make them fit in and be like everyone else even they should be themselves. There are multiple example, explanations, and resolutions on this situation. People changing their appearance, Leopard Man refusing to give in, conformity trending, and seceding from society are some of the examples and solutions to this problem.
Many people have multiple reasons and ways to change their appearance to fit into society. For example, people change their appearance through hair mutilations, tattoos, and piercings: “Individuals who change their …show more content…

Tom Leppard, better known as Leopard Man because of his body covered in spots, does not care for other people’s opinions or thoughts: “He doesn’t live for other people’s reactions ” (Feys 1). This proves that he still has his true self inside of him and is not trying to fit in. In addition, he does not listen to what society has to say: “Leopard Man - unlike so many millions of people who are slaves to society’s demands - is happy” (Feys 1). So many people ARE slaves to society’s demands but Leopard Man is not like them. He lives for himself, not …show more content…

Now conformity is said to be “the world’s most common but dangerous psychological disorder”. To be a conformist, you listen to society, you follow society’s demands, and you crave society’s attention. But to be a nonconformist, you do the opposite. You are an independent individual: “To be human is to be an individual human, with individual tastes, talents, values, and dreams” (Feys 1). Society takes all this away from you even though you want to be your unique self. One person who I can truly call a nonconformist is my sister. She doesn’t live under society’s demands. She hasn’t let society consume her individuality. She doesn’t change her appearance to fit in. She doesn’t care about what society thinks of her.
Despite the fact that society eats your individuality, there is a way to to escape. Just secede from it here and there. Sometimes you need a break from society: “But from time to time, get society out of your life and out of your mind” (Feys 2). If you ever feel like society is reeling you in, just escape for a while. Go somewhere relaxing and calm to take a break. On the other hand, you could still be part of society while being independent: “One can enjoy the benefits modern society offers without becoming dependent on society” (Feys 2). So you can still be pleased with society without becoming reliant on

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