Analysis Of Vine Delora's Sacred Lands And Religious Freedom

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Spiritual ceremonies and traditions have been and still remain a huge part of Native American culture. Through these ceremonies, often performed on the sacred lands found on public government property, individuals believe that spiritual harmony of life can be maintained and achieved. These ceremonies, attended by many individuals, both Native American and Christian, took place on rural sacred land that the Native Americans held close to their hearts. However, over time, tribes were taken from their sacred lands and moved to areas where their practices were restricted or completely cut off. Throughout Sacred Lands and Religious Freedom, Vine Delora argues that the problem lies within basic human understanding. He states that because there …show more content…

He states that there are two non-Indian attitudes that he has witnessed in response to the traditions held by Native Americans. “Some people want the medicine men and women to share their religious beliefs in the same manner that priests, rabbis and ministers share their beliefs. Others feel that Indian ceremonials are a reminder of a primitive time and should be abandoned” (3). The author uses this quote in an effort to show an underlying observation. He believes that neither perspective fully understands the ins and outs of a traditional Native American community, simply because they are so unlike those ins and outs of American communities and …show more content…

Though westernizing the Indian religion and their traditions stands as its own problem, the author states that another part of the problem is that there is no protection for these traditional religions or their sacred lands within the American constitution. In order to establish a sacred experience, we as Americans must recognize the sacredness of the lands, in the first place. The author argues that the protection of sacred lands and the preservation of traditional American Indian religions should not only be brought about by those participating but should be a movement all individuals should be involved in. To this day, sacred lands are continuing to be put at risk. Developers are constantly at work, trying to modernize and build on the lands that Native Americans hold close to their traditions. As a result, organizations are seeking to pass laws that would stop sacred lands from being impacted by corporate or developer

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