Analysis Of When Wheelchairs Are Cool Essay

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In the article, “When Wheelchairs Are Cool”, the author, Ben Mattlin discusses why he believes it is okay for able bodied people to ride around in wheelchairs and take on the look of a disabled person, but it is not okay if you are making fun of disabled people. It is also not acceptable for people that are bound to wheelchairs to take advantage of able bodied people’s sympathy for their situation whether it be through accepting free things or getting a discount. The main strategy Mattlin uses to persuade his reader is pathos, particularly humor which creates a light tone throughout the article. Also, Mattlin proves his credibility and proves his point by planning the time at which he published his article. Mattlin’s main claim in his article is that being in a wheelchair is not as bad as it seems. This article was published in The New York Times, therefore it was written for an audience that is educated. Typically, readers of The New York Times are people that want to keep up to date with events that are happening now and what their effect on the world is. Therefore, this article was perfect for this website because when the article was written, the news of Justin Bieber riding around in a wheelchair was new and relevant information. Although this is relevant information, this article was geared toward readers who not only like to keep up on political news, but celebrity news. This is obvious because the article was centered around the fact that Justin Bieber, a famous pop
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