Analyze The Causes Of Poverty In The United States

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When it comes to social policy there are several factors that have to be considered. First, it must be determined what the leading causes of poverty are the United States. Additionally, one can look at previous administrations and their actions to try and beat poverty and how effective they were. In the end, there will have to be recommendation to either continue on with the current policy or create a new one. Initially, one must determine what the main contributing factors are to poverty. Within the United States there are several key factors that are contributing to the poverty of citizens. Some of the major examples are poor economy, lack of affordable housing, drug use, lack of education, and medical expenses (Anderson, n.d). Not all of these…show more content…
Some of these policies have been effective while others have not been. For example, Clinton was able to expand the Earned Income Tax Credit to allow families get above the poverty line. Another president that was able to implement a policy was Bush. George Bush tried to implement the policy from Texas to the nation. This would have put the burden for escaping poverty on the poor, not the government (2017). Finally, the most recent president to leave office tried to implement their own policy to combat poverty. Former president Obama tried to establish 20 promise neighborhoods that would allow residents to have access to full network of services, including early childhood education, violence prevention, and after school activates from birth to college (2017). Each president may have tried to combat poverty, but it is difficult to bring all citizens out of that area. This is due to economics, there will always be individuals at all levels in the class structure. There are several recommendations that I would make to help bring some of the citizens back to the middle

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