Analyzing Crane's As Silent As A Mirror

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In the first stanza, Crane shows his special metaphor: As silent as a mirror is believed Realities plunge in silence by…
“As silent as a mirror is believed” is the first sentence of Legend. Mirror is an important and enduring style of Crane’s poem. He regards it as “Logic of Metaphor.” This kind of metaphor sublimates the realm of poetry and gives staffs the second life. In the poem, mirror also reflects, even purifies the meaning. Thus, can be seen that art comes from the life but advanced the life. “Realities” in the phrase “Realities plunge in silence by…” reflects Crane’s love story. Although “mirror” does not appear until the last six lines, the overtones of the motif of mirror enduring to shows us.
The second stanza shows the topic of love: I am not ready for repentance; Nor to match regrets. For the month Bends no more than the still Imploring flame. And tremorous In the …show more content…

Long-muted in here becomes a kind of voice. The reader would suddenly feel fooled by silence of metaphor. Crane gradually shifts love to art and finally merges them together. Love is art. And he also thought the voice springs from “silence” is permanent song. The beginning of the “Legend” makes the reader experience an objective reality of the world, and this world is silence. Silent means a symbol of the reality; furthermore, this kind of reality is meaningless, need is given by human. Poetry is an expression and abstract language. Language, including the text, needs linguistic meaning; through the linguistic meaning, it can convey emotion. The text as a simple physical image is significantly different from the language as a language. For example, the word “mirror”, as a simple physical image, is only a number of lines composed of patterns. But as a word, it conveys the meaning of a mirror in dictionary. In the “Legend” it has a special symbolic meaning, emphasizing the display of pure

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