Anansi And Iktomi Character Analysis

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The world is a big place; it is so diverse, and differences are celebrated. In that case, does it really matter that two things are alike? When in fact the differences found in the two things are the details that make them unique. Uniqueness is what makes something beautiful in this exotic world. So, there are the characters, Anansi and Iktomi, who are two uniquely different tricksters. Now, tricksters are characters that engage in deceitfulness or magic, in order to get what they want. The character Anansi is a spider from West African folklore. Meanwhile, Iktomi is half -human and half-spider, known to be a cultural hero in the Native American tribe of Lakota. Each of the cultures associated these two characters in tales called trickster tales. Anansi and Iktomi have differences; thus, they are not the same character. It is often argued that Anansi and Iktomi are the same characters. For example, both Anansi and Iktomi are tricksters. In the story, "All stories are Anansi 's," Anansi tricks the hornets, the python, and the leopard to obtain the authority over all the stories. Additionally, in the story, "Iktomi and the Wild Ducks," Iktomi tells the ducks that he will teach them to dance, however he ends up eating them. This shows that as tricksters they both possess similar characteristics, such as being heroic, clever, foolish, deceitful, and etc. However, all the other tricksters also share these characteristics, on top of the characters being spiders, that doesn 't

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