And Summer Is Gone Literary Analysis

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Have you ever been left by a so called “friend”? When I say left, I am referring to all sorts of different ways of being excluded at some point by someone you call a friend. This of course includes them no longer acknowledging you, them slowly drifting away from you but closer to someone else, and them leaving you hanging both physically and mentally. The theme of “people drifting apart brings one person closer to themself” is used in many novels and short stories as it is a very relatable topic and can get the reader to feel closer to a character and feel more emotion toward them.
One of the many short stories that uses this theme to express emotions to the reader is And Summer Is Gone by: Susie Kretschmer. This short story is about two sophomores in high school who have been friends since they are 12. The story drives home that fact that the main character, David, has always been alone and only had a few acquaintances. Then he meets his new friend, Amy, who he would go on to be best friends with that summer. The story gives the reader details that support just how close they are as friends. Then after some time Amy starts to talk to other people a lot more and David a lot less. A christmas then goes by in which David doesn’t give Amy a present for the first time in years. David starts to realize that Amy is drifting
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This is proven by three of many short stories as provided above. This theme is also applicable to real life as shown in the introductory part of this piece of writing. Now after reading this short essay, go back to the introduction and really think about the question I asked, have you ever been left by a “friend”. Think about this question and you will see just how many times when you think of a friend leaving you or drifting apart from you it made you figure out something about yourself as I have stated in the
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